Friday, June 7, 2013

Girl Child Education Fund - Florence Nightingale Teddy Bear

The School of Nursing, Midwifery & Nutrition is a proud supporter of the Girl Child Education Fund (GCEF). The GCEF, a signature initiative of Florence Nightingale International Foundation, supports the primary and secondary schooling of girls under the age of 18 in developing countries whose nurse parent or parents have died. Your donation to the Girl Child Education Fund will go towards school fees, uniforms, shoes and books.

The School recently donated $1000 to the GCEF at the recent Florence Nightingale Luncheon at the International Council of Nurses Congress in Melbourne, which raised over $20,000 in donations for the fund.

You can support the fund by purchasing a Florence Nightingale Teddy Bear. This beautiful fully jointed teddy bear has been hand made with care by the Great British Teddy Bear Company. Florence is 34cm tall and wears a miniature of the blue and white dress once worn by ‘Nightingale nurses’, and carries a replica of her famous lamp. Her khaki canvas bag holds three little bandages so that she can nurse any injured toys she meets as she travels the globe raising valuable funds for the GCEF.

The ICN FNIF Florence Nightingale Teddy Bear is being sold in support of the GCEF, which provides for the primary and secondary schooling of the orphaned daughters of nurses in developing countries, paying for school fees, uniforms, shoes and books. To order your Florence Nightingale Teddy Bear, please go to

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