Thursday, May 15, 2014

CNMR Researchers Visit New York Schools of Nursing

On Monday and Tuesday this week Professor Melanie Birks, A/Professor Jane Mills and Dr Karen Hoare from the University of Auckland visited the New York University College of Nursing, and the Trinitas School of Nursing in New Jersey.

Monday's seminar at NYU was very well attended with over 40 nurse academics and clinicians coming to hear Melanie and Jane speak on A new generation of qualitative researchers. Earlier that day, the team had met with Professor Chris Kovner and Dr Maja Djukic to find out more about the RN Work Study which commenced in 2006. This longitudinal study follows the career paths of 2005 graduates from 36 US states in order to find out more about factors impacting on retention, career development and satisfaction. Following the seminar, the team were given a guided tour of the NYC nursing labs by Monina Franco-Tantuico.

On Tuesday Trinitas School of Nursing in New Jersey welcomed the team with a wonderful morning tea. Around 10 nurse academics attended this session where Jane presented the findings of a study inspired by a previous visit to Trinitas. The Putting it Together: unfolding case studies and high fidelity simulation in 1st year BNSc curriculum was funded by a Carrick Insititute Grant in 2010. Trinitas academics were very interested to find out how their pedagogical model of teaching simulation influenced JCU's School of Nursing, Midwifery and Nutrition in the refresh of the BNSc which incorporated findings from this study.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

THRU Ethics Rounds: Choices in Childbirth - 19 June (Townsville)

The Tropical Health Research Unit is hosting Ethics Rounds on Thursday 19th June, 12-1pm, in Tutorial Room 2 of the JCU Clinical School at The Townsville Hospital. See the attached flyer for details. Registrations are not required.