Friday, September 28, 2012

Nursing and midwifery public lecture - Cairns 30 Oct

A/Prof Amanda Kenny
Dr Jane Mills is holding a public lecture at the Cairns Base Hospital Auditorium on the 30th October 2012, to be presented by Associate Professor Amanda Kenny.

Title: A Fork in the Road to Rural Health:Planning for a future nursing and midwifery workforce.

Presented by: Assoc Professor Amanda Kenny

Public Lecture Outline: The question of who will deliver the rural health services of tomorrow is a vexed one.With an ageing nursing and midwifery workforce, long term forecasts indicate severe shortages of these important health professionals who currently make up 50% of the people delivering care in rural areas. In this important public lecture, Associate Professor Amanda Kenny, an international expert in rural health service delivery and workforce development, will take a future forward approach, identifying potential solutions and strategies to address this problem.

About Assoc. Professor Amanda Kenny: Dr Kenny holds a PhD in rural health policy. She is an Associate Professor in Rural and Regional Nursing. In her previous role as Head of School, she led the establishment of the La Trobe Rural Health School, and played a major role in the successful bid for 62.7 million dollars of funding through the Commonwealth Education Investment Fund and the Diversity and Structural Adjustment Fund.She is widely published internationally and is frequently invited as a key speaker at national and international conferences.As an active researcher, her current research focuses on models of rural health service delivery and workforce development.
She has a strong interest in consumer participation in health care and health service design. Dr Kenny has conducted extensive research and consultancies for Government, with an emphasis on service design, funding models and workforce development.

Venue: Cairns Base Hospital Auditorium, Block A , level 2 (on the Esplanade side of the hospital) 5:45pm arrival and Lecture will begin at 6:00pm

Date/Time: Tuesday, 30 October 2012 at 5:45 PM

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Library Books - August 2012

The following books have recently been added to the JCU Library collection. Each title is also listed in full in the Library Catalogue – Tropicat.  Holds may be placed on titles using Tropicat.

The Artinian intersystem model: integrating theory and practice for the professional nurse (Artinian et al, 2011, 2nd ed.).

Australia New Zealand nursing & midwifery drug handbook (McKenna & Mirkov, 2012, 6th ed.).

Clinical practice guidelines for midwifery and women’s health (Tharpe et al., 2013, 4th ed.).

Communication: core interpersonal skills for health professionals (O’Toole, 2012, 2nd ed.).

Compact clinical guide to chronic pain management: an evidence-based approach for nurses (D’Arcy, 2011).

Compact clinical guide to geriatric pain management: an evidence-based approach for nurses (Quinlan-Colwell, 2012).

Critical issues in mental health (Tummey & Turner, 2008).

Developing advanced skills in practice teaching (Smith et al., 2009).

Developing holistic care for long-term conditions (Margereson et al., 2010).

The emergency practitioner’s handbook: for all frontline health professionals (Dawood, 2012).

Encyclopedia of nursing research (Fitzpatrick et al., 2012, 3rd ed.).

Ethics in professional life: virtues for health and social care (Banks et al., 2009).

Ethics, law and professional issues: a practice-based approach for health professionals (Gallagher, 2012).

Essentials of human anatomy and physiology (Marieb, 2012, 10th ed.).

Florence Nightingale's Notes on nursing: what it is and what it is not & Notes on nursing for the labouring classes: commemorative edition with historical commentary (Skretkowicz, 2010).

Further essentials of pharmacology for nurses (Barber et al., 2012).

Health care in Australia: prescriptions for improvement (Australian Centre for Health Research, 2011).

Indigenous research methodologies (Chilisa, 2012).

Informed consent: a primer for clinical practice (Bowman et al., 2012).

Inpatient psychiatric nursing: clinical strategies and practical interventions (Damon et al., 2012).

International perspectives on public health and palliative care (Sallnow et al., 2012)

Interpersonal relating: health care perspectives on communication, stress and crisis (Glass, 2010).

Introduction to community nursing practice (Arnott et al., 2012).

Listening to pain: a clinician's guide to improving pain management through better communication (Fishman, 2012).

Managing long term conditions and chronic illness in primary care: A guide to good practice (Carrier, 2009).

Maternal, fetal, & neonatal physiology: a clinical perspective (Blackburn, 2013, 4th ed.).

Math for nurses: a pocket guide to dosage calculation and drug preparation (Boyer, 2013, 8th ed.).

Measuring caring: international research on Caritas as healing (Nelson et al., 2012).

The midwife-mother relationship (Kirkham, 2010, 2nd ed.).

Nurses on the front line: when disaster strikes, 1878-2010 (Wall et al., 2011)

Nurses’ professional development register (Kelly & Jubb, 2012).

Nursing and midwifery in Britain since 1700 (Borsay et al., 2012).

Nursing care of the critically ill child (Hazinski, 2013, 3rd ed.).

Nursing ethics: a principle-based approach (Edwards, 2009, 2nd ed.).

Nursing knowledge and theory innovation: advancing the science of practice [eBook] (Reed, 2011).

Nursing pharmacology made incredibly easy! (Durkin et al., 2013, 3rd ed.).

Nursing research in action: exploring, understanding and developing skills (Burnard et al., 2011, 3rd ed.).

Perspectives on care at home for older people (Ceci et al., 2012).

Pervasive healthcare computing: EMR/EHR, wireless and health monitoring (Varshney, 2010).

Primary care: a collaborative practice (Buttaro, 2013, 4th ed.).

Professional development, reflection and decision making (Jasper, 2006).

Public health management of disasters: the practice guide (Landesman, 2012, 3rd ed.).

Qualitative health research: creating a new discipline (Morse, 2012).

A social history of maternity and childbirth: key themes in maternity care (McIntosh, 2012).

A survival guide for health research methods (Ross, 2012).

Theory for midwifery practice (Bryar, 2011, 2nd ed.).

Transcultural nursing theory and models: application in nursing education, practice, and administration (Sagar, 2012).

Understanding evidence in health care: using clinical epidemiology (Doi, 2012).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wound Care Master Class - 19 Sept

JCU Townsville campus will be hosting a Wound Care Master Class for RNs and student nurses. This professional development opportunity is hosted by the Nurses for Nurses Network. For registration and further information please visit the Nurses for Nurses Network website.