Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Smart phones, smart nurses

Professional and productive use of social media for nurses was the topic of conversation at an Australian College of Nurses/ James Cook University professional development event.
Scepticism about nursing students' use of social media at work prompted Cairns nurse Nicole Morris to come along to an Australian College of Nurses (ACN) education and networking event organised by James Cook University this month.
But she left with a determination to open a Twitter account as soon as she got home.
The workshop, The use of social media in nursing, was developed to help health professionals better understand how, when, where and why they might use social media platforms at work, and which ones.
Presentations were delivered by JCU lecturer Paul McNamara and JCU graduate and emerging nurse leader Evan Casella.

Join the club!

Undergraduate student nurses are being invited to join a journal club to better understand and use research.
A new journal club for undergraduate nursing students at James Cook University is helping to strengthen the links between research and clinical practice.
The club is led by Associate Professor and Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Research (CNMR) member David Lindsay, and is open to staff and to students from all year levels.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Healing Touch Masterclass - May 23-24 JCU Townsville

We are hosting a masterclass CPD opportunity on the weekend of 23/24 May 2015, open to all healthcare professionals, lay caregivers and the public.

This is a hands-on, experiential class where participants will both learn and experience the complementary therapy of Healing Touch. Research indicates that Healing Touch may be beneficial for reducing anxiety, managing stress and/or promoting overall health and functioning in a variety of populations, including students, nurse leaders, older adults, clients with cancer, and other patients/clients and their caregivers. Healing Touch is a nursing intervention based on a holistic philosophy of health and the same mind-body connection that is strengthened in other energy-based modalities such as yoga and Tai Chi. 

Please see the attached flyer for further details, or email for further information.

Registration is through the JCU Alumni & Engagement website at

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

QNU Scholarships and Book Bursary Applications now open - closing 20 May

Applications have now opened for the QNU’s annual scholarships and book bursaries for 2015. Each year the QNU offers various scholarships and bursaries to assist nurses, midwives and nursing students with study, research, or to attend professional conferences. Nurses, midwives and students are welcome to apply for one or more of the following:

·         Matron Grace Wilson Scholarship(RN/RM scholarship)
·         Enrolled Nurse Scholarship
·         Pat Nicholls Scholarship(diabetes education and promotion)
·         Student Book Bursary(undergraduate study)
·         Bauer Wiles Book Bursary (postgraduate study)

To find out more information about this year’s offerings, please visit our website here. Applications and supporting documents can be returned to the QNU via email to, faxed to 3844 9387, or via post to GPO Box 1289, Brisbane Q 4001. 

Applications close 20 May 2015.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Information session on SP2 elective subjects NS2215; NS2216; NS2217

Dear BNSc students,

A V/C information session has been timetabled for 3-4pm  Wednesday 22nd April in the following rooms and locations to provide information and to answer any questions students may have regarding the three SP2 elective subjects in the BNSc program.

·         040-103 (Padua) Townsville
·         A3.2 (Cairns)
·         MMater-001 (Mackay)
·         Tarabada-007 (Mt Isa)

If you are planning to enrol in a SP2 elective subject in 2015 (NS2215, NS2216 or NS2217) in the BNSc program, and you have not already done so, you are reminded to enrol as soon as possible. The SNMN requires student enrolment numbers to organise tutorial groups, PEP and to be able to finalise the SP2 timetable.

Information regarding subject content can also be found in the Mariner and in the power point presentations under Quick Links on each LearnJCU subject site. A vodcast of the information session will be made available on the NS2022 subject site.

Each elective has a ten day PEP attached to it.  Student enrolment numbers are required to assist the clinical placement team with forward planning and securing placements. Thank you to all students who have already enrolled.

Kind regards
Ylona Chun Tie

BNSc Course Coordinator

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Recent College publication: Benchmarking for the effective use of student evaluation data.

Smithson, John, Birks, Melanie, Harrison, Glenn, Nair, Chenicheri Sid, and Hitchins, Marnie (2015) Benchmarking for the effective use of student evaluation data. Quality Assurance in Education, 23 (1). pp. 20-29.