Saturday, April 26, 2014

A New Generation of Qualitative Researchers: NYU College of Nursing - 12 May

In this invited seminar, A/Prof Jane Mills and Prof Melanie Birks will discuss key debates in qualitative research which differ globally. Generational difference is one way of explaining the origins of different debates and issues in qualitative research. Using Mannheim’s theory of generational difference, contrasting positions on these debates are will be examined in this seminar. Within each generation there are generational units who have concrete bonds that give voice to particular issues of concern. Important issues for each generational category will be identified and discussed in relation to the literature. Future directions for qualitative research will also considered. As we move into the future, translating qualitative research findings into the language of interventions and implementation is becoming more important. Assessing the impact of qualitative research equates to examining what was done, why it was done, what difference it made and how the research made it happen. This lecture will identify the challenges implicit in grappling with the concept of impact as a qualitative researcher, while offering some suggested solutions.

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