Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nursing Alumni Prize for Citizenship - Eri Takahashi

Congratulations to Eri Takahashi, recipient of the 2014 Nursing Alumni Prize for Citizenship.

This prize was founded in 2011 and is maintained with donations from the JCU Nursing Alumni with contributions from the graduating classes.  It is awarded to the Cairns Campus student who has completed the second year and is enrolled in the third year of the Bachelor of Nursing Science degree and who demonstrates:
  • leadership qualities within the peer group;
  • a positive and collegial attitude to peers and colleagues;
  • and outstanding personal qualities in contributing to the betterment of the School community.

They must also:
  • provide service to the University;
  • participate in co-curricular activities;
  • and promote the University and themselves in a professional manner.

1 comment:

  1. Nurses are UNBELIEVABLY preoccupied with status and everyone's place in the hospital hierarchy. Basically they do what they're told for a living. The smart ones either

    chafe and become bitter, or move into management. Those left are a group of petty, angry women who take any pretext ("bad attitude") to exert some authority over

    medical students. It's sad and pathetic but very common. I've been through it and, for what its worth I recommend not sinking to their petty level since they are

    so much more familiar with hospital policies, personnel and politics they're almost sure to win and remember not to allow nurses to demean your medical students

    and residents when you become staff. By the way, a good rule-of-thumb for your entire clerkship and residency is NEVER complain. Focus on learning what you need to

    learn and doing what's best for the patient and you might be surprised at how even the crustiest of nurses soften up.