Saturday, March 30, 2013

CRANAplus Undergraduate Remote Placement Scholarships open

Undergraduate Scholarships - Helping students with remote placement

In addition to the professional connections, access to resources and support undergraduate students gain from CRANAplus membership, there is the possibility of being awarded an Undergraduate Remote Placement Scholarship. The scholarships offer financial assistance to support students who are interested in working remotely giving them the opportunity to experience a remote health setting first hand. This demonstrates the commitment of CRANAplus to the future remote health workforce.

Each year CRANAplus offers a total of six scholarships. These scholarships provide financial assistance of up to $1000 per applicant, per remote placement. They can be applied to the cost of fares, accommodation and other incidental costs incurred by a student undertaking an undergraduate placement in a remote area of Australia and its external Territories.

The closing date for the scholarship application is the 31st July of each year.  See Undergraduate Remote Placement Scholarships website for application information.

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