Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Library Books - August 2012

The following books have recently been added to the JCU Library collection. Each title is also listed in full in the Library Catalogue – Tropicat.  Holds may be placed on titles using Tropicat.

The Artinian intersystem model: integrating theory and practice for the professional nurse (Artinian et al, 2011, 2nd ed.).

Australia New Zealand nursing & midwifery drug handbook (McKenna & Mirkov, 2012, 6th ed.).

Clinical practice guidelines for midwifery and women’s health (Tharpe et al., 2013, 4th ed.).

Communication: core interpersonal skills for health professionals (O’Toole, 2012, 2nd ed.).

Compact clinical guide to chronic pain management: an evidence-based approach for nurses (D’Arcy, 2011).

Compact clinical guide to geriatric pain management: an evidence-based approach for nurses (Quinlan-Colwell, 2012).

Critical issues in mental health (Tummey & Turner, 2008).

Developing advanced skills in practice teaching (Smith et al., 2009).

Developing holistic care for long-term conditions (Margereson et al., 2010).

The emergency practitioner’s handbook: for all frontline health professionals (Dawood, 2012).

Encyclopedia of nursing research (Fitzpatrick et al., 2012, 3rd ed.).

Ethics in professional life: virtues for health and social care (Banks et al., 2009).

Ethics, law and professional issues: a practice-based approach for health professionals (Gallagher, 2012).

Essentials of human anatomy and physiology (Marieb, 2012, 10th ed.).

Florence Nightingale's Notes on nursing: what it is and what it is not & Notes on nursing for the labouring classes: commemorative edition with historical commentary (Skretkowicz, 2010).

Further essentials of pharmacology for nurses (Barber et al., 2012).

Health care in Australia: prescriptions for improvement (Australian Centre for Health Research, 2011).

Indigenous research methodologies (Chilisa, 2012).

Informed consent: a primer for clinical practice (Bowman et al., 2012).

Inpatient psychiatric nursing: clinical strategies and practical interventions (Damon et al., 2012).

International perspectives on public health and palliative care (Sallnow et al., 2012)

Interpersonal relating: health care perspectives on communication, stress and crisis (Glass, 2010).

Introduction to community nursing practice (Arnott et al., 2012).

Listening to pain: a clinician's guide to improving pain management through better communication (Fishman, 2012).

Managing long term conditions and chronic illness in primary care: A guide to good practice (Carrier, 2009).

Maternal, fetal, & neonatal physiology: a clinical perspective (Blackburn, 2013, 4th ed.).

Math for nurses: a pocket guide to dosage calculation and drug preparation (Boyer, 2013, 8th ed.).

Measuring caring: international research on Caritas as healing (Nelson et al., 2012).

The midwife-mother relationship (Kirkham, 2010, 2nd ed.).

Nurses on the front line: when disaster strikes, 1878-2010 (Wall et al., 2011)

Nurses’ professional development register (Kelly & Jubb, 2012).

Nursing and midwifery in Britain since 1700 (Borsay et al., 2012).

Nursing care of the critically ill child (Hazinski, 2013, 3rd ed.).

Nursing ethics: a principle-based approach (Edwards, 2009, 2nd ed.).

Nursing knowledge and theory innovation: advancing the science of practice [eBook] (Reed, 2011).

Nursing pharmacology made incredibly easy! (Durkin et al., 2013, 3rd ed.).

Nursing research in action: exploring, understanding and developing skills (Burnard et al., 2011, 3rd ed.).

Perspectives on care at home for older people (Ceci et al., 2012).

Pervasive healthcare computing: EMR/EHR, wireless and health monitoring (Varshney, 2010).

Primary care: a collaborative practice (Buttaro, 2013, 4th ed.).

Professional development, reflection and decision making (Jasper, 2006).

Public health management of disasters: the practice guide (Landesman, 2012, 3rd ed.).

Qualitative health research: creating a new discipline (Morse, 2012).

A social history of maternity and childbirth: key themes in maternity care (McIntosh, 2012).

A survival guide for health research methods (Ross, 2012).

Theory for midwifery practice (Bryar, 2011, 2nd ed.).

Transcultural nursing theory and models: application in nursing education, practice, and administration (Sagar, 2012).

Understanding evidence in health care: using clinical epidemiology (Doi, 2012).

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